Floral Inspiration

South Africa’s National flower is the King Protea, and we think they are just stunning!

Have a look at the following floral bouquets for inspiration and tell us what you think!

Would you choose this bouquet?….

IMG_9758Or this one?…

IMG_9789Or perhaps something a little more traditional?…


Snow white roses and kale rather?….

We look forward to hearing your comments.



Being a DreamMaker

I recently heard of wedding planners described as “Dream Makers”and I thought it was a very apt description. The rising popularity of wedding planners in many countries over the years has come to prove that no longer are planners solely for the rich and famous. As weddings have become a statement about the couple’s personality and their unique relationship, these couples are working more closely with an individual who can make their dream a reality.

There are different kinds of planners, some couples are just looking for someone to co-ordinate on the big day. The “Day Of ” planner, often just wanting the planner to manage all the hiccups that can occur with their own planning, so that they can relax on the Big Day!

If a couple decided to go for a Month of Planner, they do the bookings and reservations but hand everything over to the planner one month before to finalise and perfect.

A full planning service begins with the initial concept, working with the planner on inspecting venues, design, flowers, dresses etc. Often a close working a relationship for a year or more is needed to pull off a first class wedding.

At Luxury Safari Weddings we offer all three types of services, of course we prefer the last option because we like being there from the concept to the final event.

Talk to us about how we can be your “Dream Makers”.


Bling Bling! It’s Time For A Ring!

The key ingredient for any engagement ring or eternity ring, nothings says “I Love you” like a sparkling diamond. South Africa is world renowned for it’s weath of natural resouces. It’s stores of precious metals such as gold, platinum and silver have meant that jewellery has always been a good buy in SA for tourists or visitors. But savvy travellers to SA all know that what they really should be asking for is diamonds! Here are 6 tips to buying a diamond for a piece of jewellery or investment.

  1. Diamonds were discovered in South Africa in the 1800’s and have been mined here ever since. In fact, the Star of Africa, which sits in the British Crown Jewels was part of the Cullinan Diamond, which weighed over 3000 carats when it was discovered near Pretoria. South Africa produces extremely high quality gem diamonds. Diamonds are graded according to the 4 C’s, cut, colour, clarity and carat or weight.
  2. The price of a diamond increases dramatically once you go over  a half carat or a carat. Savvy buyers will look for a stone that weighs just under these weights, ie  a 0.49 carat stone will be significantly cheaper than a 0.52 carat stone.
  3. When shopping for a stone for a piece of jewellery  it is not advised go for a “D”colour stone. In diamond grading speak, “D” is a brilliant white stone and is the top colour but is recommended only for investment stones. Colours “G” and “H”are much better colours for a ring or other piece of jewellery. they will still look white to the naked eye and cost considerably less.
  4. When it comes to cuts, this really is personal choice. A classic cut is timeless and fancy cuts like heart-shapes are rarer and more unique.
  5. Clarity relates to the inclusions or imperfections that can be found in the stone. Obviously you want to go for a stone that has the least imperfections possible but often the grading can be misleading and anything that is a “vsi “or “vvsi” is a very worthy stone to be fitted in a setting as these you will only see any inclusions with a lope and only looking from the base of the stone and not from the top.
  6. Diamonds are very stable investments, they hold their value and hence are very attractive to investors who want a less risky investment in troubled times.

For an obligation free consultation contact Alon Bergman for more info on purchasing a quality certified diamond.


New Regulations Regarding Foreigners Marrying in SA

If you are considering getting married in South Africa and are not a South African citizen then the new Department of Home Affairs regulations will apply to you.

As of late 2016 the new regulations regarding the marraige of foreigners in SA came into effect. Essentially this means that foreigners cannot be legally married in SA and no marriage certificate will be issued by the Department of Home Affairs.

Luxury Safari Weddings recommends that couples considering a wedding in the bush should complete the legalities in their home country and we will conduct the ceremony as though you were getting married for the first time in your dream location.

So  we suggest that just before you leave for South Africa or just after you return home you should then arrange a civil ceremony to make your union legal.

We can unite your hearts and souls in matrimony but unfortunately no longer can we offer a legal union.



Gorgeous Geiger’s Camp at Motswari is Waiting to Host your Dream Safari Wedding in 5 Star Style.

We are so excited to annnounce a new addition to our portfolio of luxury lodges.

Geiger’s camp is perfect forgeigers-camp-sign-resized a intimate wedding party, accommodating up to 8 people in this very private and exclusive lodge.

It’s not just the gorgeous views or the colonially inspired  decor that grabbed us but what really makes Geiger’s Camp special, in fact Motswari in general, is the staff.

From mangement to housekeeping it is smiles all around. Everybody introduces themselves and they make a point of knowing every guests’name. This personal attention is so unique nowdays that it explains why most of the guests we met were returning for their 2nd, or sometimes 5th visit!


Motswari is situated on the Umbabaat reserve which is part of the Timbavati Game Reserve and borders the famous Kruger National Park. There are no fences between the reserve and the Kruger so game roams freely over a huge area of wilderness. Game viewing is excellent, we had incredible sightings of elephant, and spent some quality time with a young pride of lazy lion. There is a raised outside deck called Giraffes Nest which is pefect for your honeymoon night, weather permitting of course.


We are so looking forward to coordinating the most amazing weddings at this camp and working with such a wonderful team. Motswari can accommodate 30 guests, between Geiger’s camp and the main camp. contact us now to quote and lets start planning!


Are Weddings Still Trendy?

According to stats from a survey conducted by The Knot.com and released last year, weddings are very trendy and the average spend on a wedding is increasing.

  • The average spend on a wedding in the US was over $32 000 and tradition continues with the brides parents coughing up most of the money, although couples are contributing more than before.
  • Destination weddings are popular, with 350 000 destination weddings in 2015, most in the USA, but 23% of those being international weddings.
  • The number of guests is down but the amount spent on each guest is up. So couples are spending more on the guest experience than before but inviting fewer guests.Great for the guests who do get invited!
  • Themed weddings and including ethnic elements into the wedding are more popular than ever.
  • Couples are turning to professional planners to assist them in the planning more than ever and browing on a smartphone or device for ideas, dresses, decor is crucial to the planning of the event.

If you would like help with the planning our your dream Safari Wedding contact us now for a quote.



I do or I don’t? Either way its ok…

In todays modern society it is not uncommen for couples to not bother with making their union legal. However, couples often do want to have a ceremony as an occassion as  celebration of their love.

A romantic, private ceremony in the African bush is one of the most amazing ways of declaring your love for each other. The African Gift of Giving ceremony is so special and is performed for a renewal of vows as well.

It is a very emotional and symbolic ceremony which usually has both the couple and the witnesses in tears. The ceremony can be conducted in several languages, sometimes with the use of an interpreter. It involves the exhanging of traditional African gifts and promises made by the couple to each other, including a colourful blanket being wrapped around the shoulders of the bride and a mini pot of beer being presented to the groom.

Whichever way you choose to celebrate your love, let Africa shower her blessings on you for an unforgettable experience. Enquire now about deals for 2017 weddings


Love, like rain, does not choose the grass it falls on.

Zulu Proverb

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